Hotel & Accommodation Facilities

Also known by the name of Wycombe, High Wycombe is a large town in Buckinghamshire, England. It attracts a large number of visitors each year as it boasts of numerous popular tourist spots such as Wycombe Museum, Odds Farm Park, Saint Lawrence's Church, Wycombe Wanderers, Stanley Spencer's Gallery, high wycombe restaurants and Hughenden Manor. It has several games and entertainment centres such as Rush UK Trampoline Park, and Skirmish Wycombe, movie and theatre halls like Cineworld & Empire Cinemas, and bowling alleys such as Hollywood Bowl. The best time to visit this city is from June to September when the weather is quite pleasant. 

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Ideal for business meetings too

This locale is ideal for business meetings too as it has several accommodation facilities that boasts of meeting rooms. However, you need to book your rooms in advance, else, you may face problems in getting accommodation. Some of the best spots for hosting meetings include The Hub, Lane End Conference Centre, Adams Park Conference Centre, Holiday Inn, and many more. You can book your rooms in these places online through their website. However, you need to check the number of people each location can accommodate and confirm whether it meets your requirement.

How to select an ideal place

It depends whether you plan to visit this town for business meetings or are going there with the members of your family for enjoying the tourist locales of the town. If you plan to host business meetings or conferences, it is best to book a spot that lies in close proximity from the airport, as this gives your guests the option to save money on transportation charges. On the contrary, if you are visiting this town for tourism purposes, it is best to book accommodation in hotels located close to popular tourist spots, restaurants, and shopping malls.

Other factors that might influence

For business meetings and conferences, select a place that has a conference hall fitted with audio and video equipment and other gadgets required during meetings such as easy access to fax machines, printers, etc. You should also confirm whether the spot offers food and snacks and if they are included with the cost of booking the venue. Some of the venues offer multiple meeting rooms to cater for gatherings of different sizes. For example, The Holiday Inn has several meeting rooms such as Bradenham, Hampden, Dashwood, and several more. You can select online from two menu choices. If you want something different, call them up. This rule holds good for several other meeting venues too.